Elisabeth's room is decorated in green and pink.  The inspiration came from a Pottery Barn Kids duvet cover that I found that is hot pink with lime green ladybugs!  Once I saw the ladybugs I was sold!  So we've gone with those colors and painted her walls pale pink and have done accents of green in the room.   John's aunt, Debbie, made a roman shade for her window and my Mom made a quilt for her room. 


Front of the quilt that my Mom made for Elisabeth

Back of the quilt

Elisabeth's room with her beautiful Roman Shade
that Debbie made.

We had a mat cut with her name in it.  Once we get back from China we
are going to put pictures of China behind each letter of her name. 
That way she'll have a little bit of China in her room.

Here's the Build-A-Bear that Ansley made for Elisabeth.  The bear's name
is Keely.  The doll is Ansley's but she decided to put it on
Elisabeth's bed for now.

The bookcase is filling up fast!

These are the words above Elisabeth's door.   She is a dream come true so we
thought this word would be appropriate.  

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