We finally have definite travel dates!!  They are May 2nd-19th.  We have decided to go a few days early and spend some extra time in Hong Kong. Our flights to and from China are as follows:

May 2:  Leave Charlotte at 5:20 pm on USAir flight 1167(www.usair.com) for a direct flight to San Francisco.  We arrive in San Francisco at 7:52 pm.   We should be leaving our house around 2 or 2:30 so we can stop and get some dinner to take on the plane and get there in enough time to wait in line and check in.  Kelly, our neighbor, is taking us to the airport so we don't have to leave our car in the airport parking lot for almost 3 weeks.  Thanks Kelly!!

May 3:  We leave San Francisco at 1:30 am on our direct flight to Hong Kong via Singapore Air.  I know you probably think we are crazy but we got a special deal with Singapore Air (www.singaporeair.com) if we were willing to fly out so late at night.   I've always wanted to fly Singapore Air.   I've heard great things about this airline and we are excited about flying with them.  Every seat in Economy class has it's own TV screen.  Pretty cool!  And we've heard they take special care of children on board.

May 4:  We arrive in Hong Kong at 6:30 am.   That will give us time to get to the hotel and meet up with the Knebusch's and have some lunch, check in and take a nap and relax if needed.  Then we can spend Friday the 5th sightseeing in Hong Kong
(www.discoverhongkong.com).  We are staying at the Intercontinental in Kowloon.  We are very excited about staying at this hotel.  It is spectacular!  You can take a look at it on their web page: www.hongkong-ic.intercontinental.com

May 6:  We fly from Hong Kong to Beijing via China Southern Airline flight 309 to meet up with the rest of our adoption travel group.  We will be staying at the Wang Fu Jing Grand Hotel in Beijing.

May 7:  Sightsee all day long in Beijing (Forbidden City and the Great Wall)

May 8:  Fly to Changsha and meet Elisabeth in the afternoon at the Civil Affairs Office!!  Elisabeth will stay with us in the hotel from that point on.  We will be staying at the Huatian Hotel in Changsha.

May 9th: Register the adoption and start the process of getting Elisabeth's passport.

May 10-14:  Sightseeing in Changsha while we wait for Elisabeth's passport.  

May 15:  We get Elisabeth's passport and then fly to Guangzhou.  We go for Elisabeth's medical exam and get her visa photo taken on this day also. We will be staying at The White Swan (www.white-swan-hotel.com) Hotel in Guangzhou.

May 16: We have our visa appointment at the US Consulate in Guangzhou to obtain a US immigrant visa for Elisabeth.  Our visa appointment is at 11:00 a.m.

May 17:  Pick up Elisabeth's visa

May 18th:  We fly from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and then Hong Kong back to San Francisco via Singapore Air.  We leave Hong Kong at 9:55 pm on the 18th and arrive back in San Francisco at 7:30 pm on the 18th.   From there we catch an 11 pm nonstop flight back via USAir flight 784 to Charlotte and finally arrive home on May 19th at 6:48 am. 

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